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Why do mousetrap cars use CDs?

Why do mousetrap cars use CDs?
Why do so many mousetrap cars use CD/DVD for wheels? Because CDs and DVDs are some of the best wheels you will ever find for building a long distance mousetrap powered vehicle. CD/DVD wheels can slice through the air with very little air resistance and they have very little rotational inertia.

How do you make a mousetrap car go super far?
lever arm length If you haven’t realized it yet, increasing the length of the lever arm attached to the mousetrap, increases the total mechanical advantage of the car. Therefore, to increase your car’s speed, you can reduce the length of the lever arm attached to the mousetrap.

How do you put traction on CD wheels?
step #1: cut the center section of a rubber balloon as pictured. step #2: stretch the cut section of the rubber balloon around the CD/DVD. alternate option: rubber bands can also be stretched around a wheel to increase the traction.

Why won’t CDs play in my car?
Verify the disc is inserted into the CD player properly. The disc may eject if inserted upside down. Press the RESET button on the front of the car stereo. Try a couple of different discs just to make sure there is not a problem with the disc that you are trying to play.

What is the fastest mousetrap car design?
The Speed-Trap Racer is the fastest mousetrap powered racer anywhere and was designed after Doc Fizzix’s own record-setting mousetrap racer that traveled 5 meters in 1.2 seconds.

Are big wheels better for a mousetrap car?
Wheels and Axles Larger drive wheels will have a greater travel distance per each turn compared to smaller drive wheel. It would make sense to use a super huge drive wheel so for each turn of this massive drive wheel the mousetrap vehicle will travel an incredible distance.

How do you store 100s of CDs?
Store CDs standing up vertically. Keep them in a low dust area. Keep them in a cool, dry climate-controlled area with minimal light. It’s best to keep CDs in the original case since they’re designed to protect the disc.

How do I burn a CD?
Step 1: Burning a data CD is simple enough. Just place a blank CD-R into your burner and close the tray. Open File Explorer and then check out the status of your CD burner — you should see an indication that a CD-R is inserted and how much space is free. Step 2: Decide which data files you can burn to the CD.

How do you make a kaleidoscope with a CD?
Take your glue gun and lay some glue onto the long edge of the CD triangle, then press it near the edge of your foam sheet. Roll your CD triangle until you get to the edge of your foam. Glue the edge down! You’re basically done with your kaleidoscope.

What is the best mouse trap?
Best Glue Trap: Catchmaster Baited Rat, Mouse, and Snake Glue Traps. Best Pack: JT Eaton 409BULK Jawz Plastic Mouse Trap. Best Jaws: Tomcat Press ‘N Set Mouse Trap. Best For Small Mice: Acmind Mouse Trap. Best Catch-and-Release Trap: Catcha Two-Piece Humane Smart Mouse Trap.

How do you make a mousetrap car out of material?
Wooden snap-back mousetrap. Duct tape. 4 eye hooks. Wooden dowel that fits inside the eye hooks. Heavy cardboard. Large and small rubber bands. Foam board (usually found at a craft store) String.

How do you make a CD Spin?
Decorate your CD. Turn your decorated CD over and use your hot glue gun to glue a marble into the center hole of the CD. Turn your CD right-side up and glue a plastic cap to the center of the top of the CD. That’s it!

Why do CDs scratch so easily?
Because the reflective metal layer and data layer are so close to the surface of the label side of the disc, they can be damaged very easily.

How do you make a rodent car for free?
Use Peppermint Oil Rats and mice do not like the smell of peppermint oil. Therefore, this can be used as one of the ways to protect cars from rodents and mice. Put some peppermint oil on small cotton balls and strategically place them in different spots in your cars to repel rodents.

Should a mousetrap car be heavy or light?
Lighter mousetrap vehicles will require less energy at the start and can use longer lever arms for more pulling distance. Always use lightweight components when building a mousetrap vehicle. bonus tip: lightweight mousetrap vehicles require less pulling force off the start.

What makes a good mousetrap car?
You’ll want to design your car to have a light body, have large rear wheels, and you’ll want to position the mousetrap as close to the front of the car as possible. Having a light bodied mouse trap car allows for less work to have to be done by the mousetrap getting the car going.

Do plastic sleeves scratch CDs?
Plastic sleeves, even the ones lined with felt-like fabric, will scratch the CD surface. Jewel cases are designed to avoid scratches. They’re really the best.

Does putting toothpaste on a CD work?
Fortunately, scratches are more common on the reflected side, and that’s where toothpaste comes in handy. The laser that reads the CD needs to bounce evenly off the smooth, reflective surface. Toothpaste is just abrasive enough to wear down scratched areas to a smoother surface.

How do you make a mirror CD?
Put one CD into a towel and fold it over. Use the hammer to break the CD apart. Make sure your hot glue gun is ready to go and once you have enough CD fragments, glue them alongside your mirror. Set it aside to dry for a few hours and you now have a unique and iridescent mirror!

Can you build your own RC car?
You can build your own RC car using a kit or from scratch. An RC kit comes with everything you’ll need to build your car and there are many different models, so you can choose the type of car that you want to build. You can purchase a kit at your local hobby shop or find one online.

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